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what did it for you?

what got you into yaoi?
how old were you?
which anime or manga was it?

sailor moon.. when i found out zedite and malchite were guys.. and i went on ai no kusabi site..(sp? but everyone and threir mother... well not their MOTHER.... knows.. or knew of that siteT-T i still miss it!*

i think i was atleast..um... 15.. but i was into hentai wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy b4 that..like 12 or 13 yrs..

when i REALLY got into it was when i saw the GW doujinshis.. *small nostalgic smile*
then i finally saw it on CN last aug..*that's when my area got CN*.. but i'd seen a few eps b4 by my aunt's house in NYC.. (ah.. midnight run... how i miss thee)
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1. Some random guy sending me a yaoi fanfic
2. 11
3. I think it was DBZ

XB I had to run to the bathroom after that sucka. I was all shocked and stuff and nervous.
Hm...I’m not sure what got me into it. Sailor Moon was my first anime that I ever saw. I never minded homosexuality anyway, so when I stumbled across certain things, I was immediately interested and wanted to find out more. From there, I went to all kinds of beautiful art sites, and read some really good fanfiction.
The first anime I began to think of in yaoi terms were Gundam Wing, and even though I hadn't seen it at the time, Weiss Kreuz. Now, I’m stuck on Fruits Basket, Naruto, Card Captor Sakura, and a few others.

I think it was when I was around 13 when I started liking yaoi...but really, I’m mostly into shounen ai. Who can resist the cuteness..?

These days, I’m obsessed with reading any Doujinshi and Manga I can get my hands on. I must say, it takes up about 7 GB of space on my computer, so if you are searching for something, or anything you might not have read, just tell me! I could give you a list...
I don't have any yaoi anime though...they don't have a lot out, and some of it is hard to find.

Anyway...sorry for my rambling ^^;
damn. this is mad old!
*keels over laughing*



October 26 2003, 13:36:00 UTC 14 years ago

for me i thought yaoi was sooo discusting at first since i was like this anti gay person but my freind j-kun forced me to watch gravitation with her one day (even though gravitation is a shounen ai and not yaoi)

thats what started it i liked that show sooo much that i wanted to see more. at first i just liked shounen ai but then my friend bought volumes 1-7 of fake (which is also a shounen ai untill volume 7) after reading the 7th volume seeing guys "do it" didnt bother me anymore. infact i loved it!!!

i would have to say that i got into it about a year ago now my collection of yaoi things has grown greatly!

the only thing that really bothered me was this one anime hmmm... i forgot the name but all i have to say about that is THE CORN SCENE!! i will never eat corn again LOL
rofl Boku no sexual harassment.
the bottle scared me the most..

but i loved gravvi even more.. ot only for the anime and manga.. but the MANGAKA HERSLEF made yaoi doujinshi for it.
and they were good!

Re: yaoi


October 27 2003, 16:46:51 UTC 14 years ago

OH YEAH NOW I REMEMBER!!! lol yeah the wine bottle was a little freaky too.

i like the gravi manga too but i think im more interested in fake then gravi since the manga is ALMOST the same to the anime.

what i really really hated that pissed me off is that there is only one ep in the fake anime!! i mean would that even be called an anime its more like an OVA or movie. but it was still good (not as good as the manga though) i really want volume 7 for it cause i was looking at scans from it and it has ryo and dee finally doing it! i think their soo KAWAII!!! ~.^
^_^ yeah man.. and i'm glad it got picked up.. i'm intrigued as to how they will handle that?
1.) This miht sound very funny but I don't remember....I think I woke up one morning and was like, I like gay sex!! LOL I have no idea :P
2.)Well it was in grade 8...and I'm 19 now....so...I hate math.. ^^;;;
3.)It was actually curiousity about Final Fantasy 8, I think I cam across a picture with Seifer X Squall and from then on, I was like that's hot!!! :D LOL.
You would have been twelve or thirteen, if you were in Year 8.
1. Well, I found that het just didn't do it for me...I went searching, found incest, which was good, but still...and then I found yaoi. It was true love at first sight. ^^.

2. 10...Corrupted at such a young age. *Snigger*. Not that I'm complaining...

3. Uhm...The Heero/Duo (1x2) pairing in Gundam Wing...great pair.

Hope this helped satisfy your curiosity!


March 31 2006, 15:27:50 UTC 12 years ago

I think i just liked homoerotica from the start, like when i discovered sex, then I was like 12
though didn't know about yaoi until last year which came together with my obsession for naruto I
was then 18... and came across some really beautiful djs by jerry angel =)
Oh interesting question. ^_^
I was about 12 or 11 or something when I first got into shounen-ai but I was 13 when I got into Yaoi. It was Yu-gi-oh, my little brother loved the series so I went looking for the characters and cards and stumbled upon Yaoi. Been obsessed ever since.
well...I think I was 13 but I was into hentai before that. It was yu-gi-oh that made me start loving it (and still does! ^_^) I saw this picture of Yami and Yugi together, at first I thought it was disgusting (because I was kind of into the straight pairing) but then I got curious and looked at it again and well..been obbsessed ever since! *yay puzzleshipping!!*
This is probably the weirdest of them all but, I remember when I was 15, I was searching for pictures of pretty anime guys in Google image search and there was this pic of Zechs from Gundam Wing with his arms around another person with short hair. I thought they were both guys and I found it inexplicably heart-warming. Only much later did I realize it was Noin Zechs was holding. But I had already realized I liked boyxboy stuff by then.

Zechs x Noin rocks by the way. So does Zechs x Treize.