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what did it for you?

what got you into yaoi?
how old were you?
which anime or manga was it?

sailor moon.. when i found out zedite and malchite were guys.. and i went on ai no kusabi site..(sp? but everyone and threir mother... well not their MOTHER.... knows.. or knew of that siteT-T i still miss it!*

i think i was atleast..um... 15.. but i was into hentai wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy b4 that..like 12 or 13 yrs..

when i REALLY got into it was when i saw the GW doujinshis.. *small nostalgic smile*
then i finally saw it on CN last aug..*that's when my area got CN*.. but i'd seen a few eps b4 by my aunt's house in NYC.. (ah.. midnight run... how i miss thee)
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